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A Survey of Attacks, Security Mechanisms and Challenges in Wireless Sensor Networks

  title={A Survey of Attacks, Security Mechanisms and Challenges in Wireless Sensor Networks},
  author={G. Padmavathi and D. Shanmugapriya},
Wireless Sensor networks (WSN) is an emerging technology and have great potential to be employed in critical situations like battlefields and commercial applications such as building, traffic surveillance, habitat monitoring and smart homes and many more scenarios. One of the major challenges wireless sensor networks face today is security. While the deployment of sensor nodes in an unattended environment makes the networks vulnerable to a variety of potential attacks, the inherent power and… 

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The intent of this paper is to investigate the security related issues, attacks and Challenges over wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and deals with some of the major security issues and challenges.
Security issues in wireless sensor networks
The proposed framework consists of four interacting components: a secure triple-key (STKS) scheme, secure routing algorithms (SRAs), a secure localization technique (SLT) and a malicious node detection mechanism that can achieve certain level of security.
A Survey On Attacks, Challenges and Security Mechanisms In Wireless Sensor Network
This paper introduces security mechanisms like cryptographic key, authentication and challenges in wireless sensor network, to introduce different types of attacks encounters during transmission or communication over the wireless Sensor network.
Classification of Attacks on Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
This paper has delved upon and summarized earlier research on security challenges poised to WSNs, classified the threats and then presented a generic WSN security model keeping in line with the intended security targets to be met, and tried to give a realistic theoretical analysis of the WSNSecurity model against these threats.
Security in Wireless Sensor Networks: Issues and Challenges
A wireless sensor network (WSN) has important applications such as remote environmental monitoring and target tracking. In addition, Wireless Sensor networks is an emerging technology and have great
IV . Measures To Overcome Issues And Challenges In Distributed Sensor Networks : Table 1
A wide variety of security, research, computational and design issues along with the challenges faced in distributed sensor networks are discussed.
A Study on Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
The intent of this paper is to investigate security problems and various security requirements of Wireless Sensor Network, and identify the attacks at all the layers of WSN network architecture and also tried to find their possible solution.
Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
Using en-route filtering mechanism the false data injection attack can be minimized and the analysis is done to find out the pros and cons of various enroute filtering techniques for false data injections.
A Review on Security Challenges and Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
First the security constraints, goals, and then attacks with their corresponding prevention and detection mechanisms are outlined, and at the end a comprehensive view of security threats and the layers affected is presented.
Security Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks : Attacks and Countermeasures
This paper tends to outline the major aspects of wireless sensor networks security, discusses some security attacks and their classification mechanisms, and discusses some related works and proposed schemes concerning security in these networks.


A survey of security issues in wireless sensor networks
This article outlines the constraints, security requirements, and attacks with their corresponding countermeasures in WSNs, and presents a holistic view of security issues, classified into five categories: cryptography, key management, secure routing, secure data aggregation, and intrusion detection.
Wireless Sensor Network Security: A Survey
This work surveys the major topics in wireless sensor network security, and presents the obstacles and the requirements in the sensor security, classify many of the current attacks, and finally list their corresponding defensive measures.
Security in wireless sensor networks: issues and challenges
The security threats are identified, proposed security mechanisms are reviewed and the holistic view of security for ensuring layered and robust security in wireless sensor networks is discussed.
Common Security Issues and Challenges in Wireless Sensor Networks and IEEE 802-11 Wireless Mesh Networks
  • T. Naeem, J. Loo
  • Computer Science
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  • 2009
The common limitations and vulnerable features of WMN and WSN are discussed, along with the associated security threats and possible countermeasures, and security mechanisms are proposed keeping in view the architecture and limitations of both.
Securing wireless sensor networks: a survey
A comprehensive survey of WSNSecurity issues that were investigated by researchers in recent years and that shed light on future directions for WSN security are presented.
Sensor network security: a survey
This paper identifies the threats and vulnerabilities to WSNs and summarize the defense methods based on the networking protocol layer analysis first, and gives a holistic overview of security issues.
Research on the Security in Wireless Sensor Network
This paper proposes various security requirements with regard to Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) and points out its development direction based on the analysis and remark of problems remaining unsolved in WSN.
SECURITY ISSUES IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK Manju Gupta1 and C. Ram Gupta2 1Research Scholar, Department of Electrical Singhania University, Rajasthan, India. 2Professor, Deptt. of ECE, Dronacharya
Security in wireless sensor networks
This paper surveys the state of art in securing wireless sensor networks, with an emphasis on authentication, key management and distribution, secure routing, and methods for intrusion detection.
A Security Architecture for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
This work proposes a security architecture for self-organizing mobile wireless sensor networks that prevents many attacks these networks are exposed to and limits the security impact of some attacks that cannot be prevented.