A Survey and Analysis on Automated Glioma Brain Tumor Segmentation and Overall Patient Survival Prediction

  title={A Survey and Analysis on Automated Glioma Brain Tumor Segmentation and Overall Patient Survival Prediction},
  author={Rupal R. Agravat and Mehul S. Raval},
Glioma is the most deadly brain tumor with high mortality. Treatment planning by human experts depends on the proper diagnosis of physical symptoms along with Magnetic Resonance(MR) image analysis. Highly variability of a brain tumor in terms of size, shape, location, and a high volume of MR images makes the analysis time-consuming. Automatic segmentation methods achieve a reduction in time with excellent reproducible results.The article aims to survey the advancement of automated methods for… Expand


Tumor Segmentation and Survival Prediction in Glioma with Deep Learning
A deep learning-based framework for brain tumor segmentation and survival prediction in glioma using multimodal MRI scans, using ensembles of three different 3D CNN architectures for robust performance through majority rule to effectively reduce model bias and boost performance. Expand
Brain Tumor Segmentation in MRI Scans Using Deeply-Supervised Neural Networks
A fully automated segmentation method which is capable of automatic segmentation of brain tumor from multi-modal MRI scans is presented, comprised of a deeply-supervised neural network based on Holistically-Nested Edge Detection (HED) network. Expand
Glioma Prognosis: Segmentation of the Tumor and Survival Prediction Using Shape, Geometric and Clinical Information
A convolutional neural network (CNN) with hypercolumn technique is exploited to segment tumor from healthy brain tissue to improve diagnosis, treatment planning and to study the difference between subjects with tumor and healthy subjects. Expand
Deep Learning for Automated Brain Tumor Segmentation in MRI Images
This chapter covers state-of-the-art review for automated brain tumor segmentation and focuses on supervised form of learning, which initially covers conventional methods but later shifts focal point to uncover deep neural network for brain tumors segmentation. Expand
Automatic Brain Tumor Detection and Segmentation Using U-Net Based Fully Convolutional Networks
This study proposes a fully automatic method for brain tumor segmentation, which is developed using U-Net based deep convolutional networks, which was evaluated on Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation (BRATS 2015) datasets, showing that it can obtain promising segmentation efficiently. Expand
Segmentation of Brain Tumors and Patient Survival Prediction: Methods for the BraTS 2018 Challenge
The tumor segmentation in 3D-MRI images of brain tumor patients and survival prediction based on these images is presented, using a two-step approach that detects subtle differences in the tumor volume. Expand
MRI Brain Tumor Segmentation and Patient Survival Prediction Using Random Forests and Fully Convolutional Networks
A learning based method for automated segmentation of brain tumor in multimodal MRI images, which incorporates two sets of machine-learned and hand-crafted features that was evaluated on MICCAI-BRATS 2017 challenge dataset. Expand
Brain Tumor Segmentation using an Ensemble of 3D U-Nets and Overall Survival Prediction using Radiomic Features
A linear model for survival prediction using extracted imaging and non-imaging features, which, despite the simplicity, can effectively reduce overfitting and regression errors is developed. Expand
Towards Uncertainty-Assisted Brain Tumor Segmentation and Survival Prediction
A full-resolution residual convolutional neural network (FRRN) for brain tumor segmentation is proposed and the principle of Monte Carlo (MC) Dropout is examined for uncertainty quantification by focusing on the Dropout position and rate. Expand
Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Using U-Net for Automatic Brain Tumor Segmentation in Multimodal MRI Volumes
A fully automated and efficient brain tumor segmentation method based on 2D Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (DNNs) which automatically extracts the whole tumor and intra-tumor regions, including enhancing tumor, edema and necrosis, from pre-operative multimodal 3D-MRI. Expand