A Supervised Cooperative Learning System for Early Detection of Language Disorders


The Quality of Life of a person may depend on early attention to his neurodevelopment disorders in childhood. Identification of language disorders under the age of six years old can speed up required diagnosis and/or treatment processes. This paper details the enhancement of a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) aimed to assist pediatricians and language therapists at early identification and referral of language disorders. The system helps to fine tune the Knowledge Base of Language Delays (KBLD) that was already developed and validated in clinical routine with 146 children. Medical experts supported the construction of Gades CDSS by getting scientific consensus from literature and fifteen years of registered use cases of children with language disorders. The current research focuses on an innovative cooperative model that allows the evolution of the KBLD of Gades through the supervised evaluation of the CDSS learnings with experts ́feedback. The deployment of the resulting system is being assessed under a multidisciplinary team of seven experts from the fields of speech therapist, neonatology, pediatrics, and neurology.

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