A Suicide Survivor: The Life of a Chinese Worker

  title={A Suicide Survivor: The Life of a Chinese Worker},
  author={Jenny Chan},
  journal={ORG: Other Structural Dimensions \& Organizational Behavior (Topic)},
  • J. Chan
  • Published 1 July 2013
  • Business
  • ORG: Other Structural Dimensions & Organizational Behavior (Topic)
In 2010, 18 employees working for Foxconn in China attempted suicide. These shocking events focused the world's attention on the manufacturing supply chains of China's export industry and the experience of working within them. What had driven these young, migrant, assembly line workers to commit such a desperate act? This article provides a first‐hand account of the experiences of one of those who survived a suicide attempt, 17‐year‐old Tian Yu. Her personal narrative is embedded within the… 
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