A Sufi Response to Political Islamism: Al-Aḥbāsh of Lebanon

  title={A Sufi Response to Political Islamism: Al-Aḥbāsh of Lebanon},
  author={A. Nizar Hamzeh and Richard Hrair Dekmejian},
  journal={International Journal of Middle East Studies},
  pages={217 - 229}
The rise and spread of Islamist political movements have been topics of focal concern for scholars and analysts in recent decades. Since Richard Mitchell's seminal work on the Muslim Brotherhood, a plethora of writers have analyzed the attributes of both Sunni and Shiʿa revivalist movements and the policies of Arab regimes and the West toward the Islamist phenomenon. Yet scant attention has been paid to the reactions generated within the larger Islamic community toward the Islamist groups and… 


Although Lebanon’s ethno-sectarian demography is manifestly unsuitable for the establishment of an Islamic state, the salience of militant Islamist movements in this tiny Mediterranean country has


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