A Substitute for ‘Annatto’ in Butter

  title={A Substitute for ‘Annatto’ in Butter},
  author={Husein Sa{\"i}d and I. A. A. Nada},
BUTTER—especially that prepared from buffalo milk-is usually artificially coloured to make it look like that afforded by well-known dairy breeds of cows (such as the Jerseys). Many colouring matters for butter are sold under different names, the commonest of which is that known as ‘annatto’, which is an oil extract of seed coats of Bixa orellana. This, as well as many other less common colouring matters, have always been imported into Egypt, but during the War butter makers were forced to… 
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CHEESE COLORS FROM PLANT SOURCES. 1. Preparation and Properties of Color from Pepper and Safflower
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