A Submerged Monumental Structure in the Sea of Galilee, Israel

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Hospital, near the River Thames in London, where it is intended to build a Cancer Care Centre (Watson, 2012). The remains proved to be waterlogged and in a sound condition. English Heritage subsequently decided that excavation of this legally protected boat (the only vessel in England subject to a scheduling order—22 June, 1983) should not be undertaken. Instead, they arranged that the new hospital building would be designed so that all load would be transferred away from the boat and that… Expand
Five Decades of Marine Archaeology in Israel
abstract:The history of maritime archaeology in Israel began in the 1950s. This article summarizes the emergence of the discipline and its evolution, the main institutions involved, the physicalExpand
Myth written in stone. The submerged monument in the kinneret sea in the light of the ugaritic myth of aqhat
ABSTRACT The literary corpus found in Ugarit/Ras Shamra includes some 1500 administrative and religious texts found so far. One of the most famous texts is the myth of Aqhat, who was murdered by anExpand
Monumentality in early urbanism: an Early Bronze Age South Levantine monument in context
This study focuses on Gal Yithro, a unique site located in the upper Galilee, Israel. The main feature of the site is a monumental lunate-shaped rujum/cairn, which was dated to the Early Bronze Age.Expand


New Dates from Submerged Late Pleistocene Sediments in the Southern Sea of Galilee, Israel
Unusual low water levels in the Sea of Galilee (Dead Sea Fault, Israel) have caused the recent exposure of submerged Late Pleistocene prehistoric sites and lacustrine sediments along the southernExpand
The geometry and astronomy of Rujm el-Hiri, a megalithic site in the southern Levant
AbstractResearch at Rujm el-Hiri, a Bronze Age megalithic monument in the southern Levant provides a broad insight into two episodes in the prehistory of the Levant—the construction and usage of theExpand
Rate of sedimentation in Lake Kinneret, Israel: spatial and temporal variations
The rate of sedimentation in Lake Kinneret was measured over several years by means of sediment traps, in up to seven different locations in the lake. Gross sedimentation rates measured in theExpand
Radiocarbon dating of Ohalo II: Archaeological and methodological implications
Abstract Charcoal samples from the Early Epipalaeolithic submerged fisher-hunter-gatherers site of Ohalo II have been dated by three laboratories. The samples derive from huts, hearths, a grave and aExpand
The use of acoustic imaging to reveal fossil fluvial systems—a case study from the southwestern Sea of Galilee
Abstract The analysis of reflected, high-resolution seismic data shows a distinct separation of regions with good and poor seismic penetration. Additional analysis of core data revealed goodExpand
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