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A Study to Assess the Effectiveness Of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Therapy on Stress among Staff Nurses Working In Selected Hospitals at Vadodara City ” Ms .

  title={A Study to Assess the Effectiveness Of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Therapy on Stress among Staff Nurses Working In Selected Hospitals at Vadodara City ” Ms .},
  author={Palaka C Patel},
Stress is a multidimensional phenomenon which is focused on dynamic relationship between the individual and the environment. Studies indicated that medical professionals such as Medical students, Nurses and Nursing students experience many stressor agents. Hospitals are considered as one of the most stressful work environments, because there, it is the matter of humans’ death and life. Nursing profession is generally perceived as a stressful and demanding profession. It is both physically and… Expand

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Stress causing psychosomatic illness among nurses
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Establishing the existence and extent of work stress in nurses in a hospital setting, identifying the major sources of stress, and finding the incidence of psychosomatic illness related to stress are established. Expand
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This systematic review was the examination of the sources and consequences of occupational stress on nurses’ adequacy, productivity, efficiency and interventions that are targeted at sources of occupationalstress seem to be required in order to support nurses. Expand
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Occupational Stress Amongst Nurses from Two Tertiary Care Hospitals in Delhi
There is a paucity of data on prevalence of stress amongst nurses in the Indian setting, so the individual contribution of various stressors, operational in nurse’s personal and professional life, to the overall stress levels also needs to be studied. Expand
Job stress, achievement motivation and occupational burnout among male nurses.
As occupational burnout may influence the quality of care by these nurses, nurse managers should strive to decrease male nurses' job stress as this should lead to a reduction of negative outcomes of occupational burn out. Expand
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Ten highly anxious women, between the ages of sixty-nine and eighty-four, participated in a five month study designed to test the hypothesis that progressive muscle relaxation would reduceExpand
Perceived Stressors, Coping Strategies, and Burnout Pertaining to Psychiatric Nurses Working on Locked Psychiatric Units
The results indicated that the majority of psychiatric nurses in this study were experiencing low levels of stress and moderate levels of burnout, and activities outside of work were preferred as methods of coping. Expand
Relationship between Stress and Psychosomatic Complaints among Nurses in Tabarjal Hospital
The results revealed that the stress was dominant among nurses in Tabarjal hospital, the prevalence of psychosomatic complaints was significantly higher in nurses, and there was significant correlation between stress and psychOSomatic complaints among nurses. Expand
Does mindfulness decrease stress and foster empathy among nursing students?
Findings suggest that being mindful may also decrease tendencies to take on others' negative emotions and help students cope with stress and foster empathy through intrapersonal knowing. Expand
Clinical supervision and burnout: the influence of clinical supervision for community mental health nurses.
If clinical supervision is effective then community mental heath nurses are likely to report lower levels of emotional exhaustion and depersonalization, and further research is required to determine the long-term benefits of implementing clinical supervision. Expand