A Study on the Query Conversion System based on TMDR for Data Integration


This study suggests a query conversion method based on TMDR(Topic Maps MetaData Registry) which solves heterogeneity problem distributed in networks and integrates data efficiently. TMDR is a repository which combines Topic Maps with MSO(Meta Schema Ontology). TMDR provides an integrated knowledge for solving the problem of collision between schema and data. In order to integrate the distributed data, TMDR provides global schema and it solves heterogeneity problem within the local data using query conversion method. After analyzing relationship within MSO and Topic Maps, this method allows integrated access through ML(Meta Location) which manages local data. The proposed method has several advantages. First, it can provide users who want to search unacquainted data with roadmap for intial data and schema. Second, the distribution for specific data can be checked. Third, it can find related information that is used for incorporating heterogeneous field. Fourth, the related problems such as homonym, heteronym, synonym for data can be solved using TMDR.

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