A Study on the Mechanisms of Oil Formation in Carbonates

  • A. Z. Tukhvatullina
  • Published 2013


New data about the mechanisms of formation of oil in carbonate reservoirs according to revealed characteristics of the composition and physico-chemical properties of the fluid of moving part (the extracted oil), and the stationary part that remains in the pore space of carbonate reservoirs. It is shown that the inflow of light oil in the reservoir of Bashkirian deposits of Tatarstan Republic takes place. Highviscous oils from carbonate reservoirs are shown to be capable to structure forming at higher temperatures. The phase transition temperatures are determined. The prevailing role of the A1 asphaltene fraction is defined. The results can be used to improve the hydrocarbon reserves of Bashkirian deposits in carbonate reservoirs of the Middle Carboniferous sediments, as well as the search for new industrial clusters in the underlay petroleum deposits.

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