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A Study on the Fishes of the Central Black Sea Coast of Turkey Türkiye'nin Orta Karadeniz Kiyisi Baliklari Üzerine Bir Araştirma

  title={A Study on the Fishes of the Central Black Sea Coast of Turkey T{\"u}rkiye'nin Orta Karadeniz Kiyisi Baliklari {\"U}zerine Bir Araştirma},
  author={L. Bat and Y. Erdem and H. H{\"u}seyin},
  • L. Bat, Y. Erdem, H. Hüseyin
  • Published 2005
  • Geography
  • As a result of eutrophication caused by increased nutrient input via major northwestern rivers during the last few decades, the Black Sea ecosystem has been subject to extreme changes in recent years. Abnormal changes due to altered nutrient balance were reflected in the qualitative and quantitative composition of phytoplankton, zooplankton and also ichthyofauna. The present study was carried out in the central Black Sea coast of Turkey to recognition of the current status of fish fauna. Fish… CONTINUE READING
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