A Study on the Effect of Eclipta Prostrata Extract and MTS on the Improvement of Scalp Health and Prevention of Hair Loss for Workers in Their 20s and 30s

  title={A Study on the Effect of Eclipta Prostrata Extract and MTS on the Improvement of Scalp Health and Prevention of Hair Loss for Workers in Their 20s and 30s},
  author={Chang Seok Lee and Joo-A Kang and Gyeong-yeon Kim and Gyu-Ri Kim},
  journal={Medico-Legal Update},
Background/Objectives: External and mental stress from hair loss degrades the quality of life and affects the interpersonal relationship and daily social life of individuals. Lately, due to an increase in hair loss population, various chemically synthesized products for hair loss prevention or treatment have been commercialized in the market. However, these products have well-known adverse effects. In order to prevent such adverse effects, this study aimed to develop a natural substance and… 
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한련초는 열대 및 아열대 지방에 서식하는 국화과 한련초속에 속하는 한해살이풀로 간 손상에 대한 보호효과, 살무사 독에 대한 해독효과, 항산화효과, 발모효과, 상처치유효과 등의 효능들이 확인된 바 있다. 더 나아가 본 연구에서는 한련초의 항산화 및 항노화효과를 확인하여 피부보호 소재로써의 가능성을 검토하고자 ...

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