A Study on the Aspects of Successful Business Intelligence System Development

  title={A Study on the Aspects of Successful Business Intelligence System Development},
  author={Il Seok Ko and Sarvar R. Abdullaev},
  booktitle={International Conference on Computational Science},
Business Intelligence (BI) Systems are today considered as a major strategic tool of many well-established companies like Lufthansa, TDC Telecom and AT&T. Of course, the knowledge derived from the experience of those companies could be helpful guide in building efficient BI Systems. Thus, this study highlights the main points arisen from the worldwide practice of building successful BI Systems. The managers usually expect from BI Systems the acceleration of their decision-making process while… 

A Study on Successful Business Intelligence Systems in Practice

This paper analyzes the successful cases for BI solutions provided by various global IT vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and SAS to describe the BI strategy and the main priorities of BI projects implemented in case companies.

Impact of business intelligence competency center in success/ failure of B.I. applications

  • M. SafeerS. Zafar
  • Computer Science
    2011 IEEE 14th International Multitopic Conference
  • 2011
This study has reviewed and analyzed BI implementations having BICC versus BI executions having no concept of BicC and can be used for future works like building Business Intelligence Competency Centers and/or measuring impact of Business Intelligence competency Centers in success/failure of BI applications.

The readiness of banks for the application of Business Intelligence solutions

In traditional information systems, there can be different inner and outer distributed data sources in existence. The data, supplied from these sources, can be managed on different media. Business

Development of model for assessing organizations' readiness toward successful Business Intelligence systems

  • A. H. AnjarinyA. Zeki
  • Computer Science
    2011 International Conference on Research and Innovation in Information Systems
  • 2011
This paper addresses BI and its systems, reviews pioneer attempts toward readiness issues, and proposes a new hypothesized model and methodology for successful BIS.

A goal-oriented, business intelligence-supported decision-making methodology

This research presents a goal-oriented, business intelligence-supported methodology for decision making that allows enterprises to begin with limited data, discover required data to build their models, capture stakeholders goals, and model threats, opportunities, and their impact.

An Empirical Study of Business Intelligence Impact on Corporate Performance Management

Findings suggest that the more effective the BI implementation, the more Effective the CPM-related planning and analytic practices are, and size and industry sector do not influence the relationships between BI effectiveness and the C PM.

IT Governance in Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence Systems Environment: a Conceptual Framework

It is suggested that an IT governance framework should be designed by considering the ERP and BIS critical success factors, especially in companies whose success heavily depends on such systems.

Exploring business intelligence and its depth of maturity in Thai SMEs

Abstract Increased complexities in making effective and timely business decisions in highly competitive markets have driven organisations worldwide to adopt business intelligence (BI) technologies.

A research framework for the adoption of Business Intelligence by Small and Medium-sized enterprises

A research framework for identifying the current state of BI adoption by SMEs and the enabling factors that impact BI adoption in SMEs is proposed and future research directions for using this framework are discussed.

The Road to Decision-Centric Business Intelligence

Findings suggest that decisions featuring less uncertainty with measurable outcomes are more amenable to the use of decision models as a precursor to a decision-centric BI-mediated information delivery.



Business Intelligence Roadmap: The Complete Project Lifecycle for Decision-Support Applications

The authors walk readers through every step of the process--from strategic planning to the selection of new technologies and the evaluation of application releases and conclude by crystallizing their many years of experience in a list of dos, don'ts, tips, and rules of thumb.

Financial business intelligence : trends, technology, software selection, and implementation/ Nils Rasmussen, Paul S. Goldy and Per O. Solli

This book discusses the evolution of Financial Business Intelligence, the power of Business Intelligence tools, and the challenges faced in implementing and implementing a Business Intelligence System.

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