A Study on Environmental Effect of Electromagnetic Waves


Electromagnetic waves play an important role in all areas of our life. Especially the use of radio, television and cellular systems that come out as a result of technological developments has expanded rapidly. For this reason the level of electromagnetic waves that people exposed has increased. Due to wide usage area of cellular system, the number of base stations has also increased. Electromagnetic waves emitted from the base stations have a negative impact on human health. The level of electromagnetic waves spread from radio, TV and other electronic tools that are used at home might go beyond the national and international limits. For this reason, electromagnetic boundary values have been determined by Turkey Telecommunication Authority (TTA) for in Turkey. The scope of this work, evaluation of electromagnetic wave spectrum located at Kocaeli University has been performed in terms of human health taking into account determined limit values. SPECTRA HF-4040 is used to measure electromagnetic field level. The frequency range of this device is among 100 MHz and 4 GHz and measuring level is among 90 dBm and 0 dBm. The measurements of electromagnetic field limit have been tested in different locations of Umuttepe Campus in Kocaeli University. The different signal maps have

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