A Study of the Oceans

  title={A Study of the Oceans},
  author={J. Johnstone},
PROF. JOHNSTONE'S study of the oceans is brief but it touches many aspects of the subject. After a chapter on the origin of the earth and the geological history of the oceans and continents, he goes on to discuss the classical geography of the oceans, tracing the development of knowledge, mainly of the superficial extent of the oceans, up to the present time. The second half of the book contains chapters on the physical and human geography of the great ocean basins. No one could complain of… Expand
From marine ecology to biological oceanography
  • E. Mills
  • Biology
  • Helgoländer Meeresuntersuchungen
  • 2006
Looking back from the 1990s it seems natural to view the work done in the Biologische Anstalt Helgoland by Friedrich Heincke and his colleagues, beginning in 1892, as marine ecology or marine biology, but historical analysis shows this view to be untenable. Expand