A Study of the Basmati Case (India-US Basmati Rice Dispute): The Geographical Indication Perspective

  title={A Study of the Basmati Case (India-US Basmati Rice Dispute): The Geographical Indication Perspective},
  author={Utsa Mukherjee},
  journal={ERPN: Patents (Sub-Topic)},
  • Utsa Mukherjee
  • Published 10 June 2008
  • Economics
  • ERPN: Patents (Sub-Topic)
In the late 1997, when an American company RiceTec Inc was granted a patent by the US patent office to call the aromatic rice grown outside India "Basmati", India objected to it. India has been one of the major exporters of Basmati to several countries and such a grant by the US patent office was likely to affect its trade. Since Basmati rice is traditionally grown in India and Pakistan, it was opined that granting patent to RiceTec violated the Geographical Indications Act under the TRIPS… 
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