A Study of Psychosocial Factor Related with Relapse in Schizophrenia


Background: Schizophrenia cause distressing consequences for afflicted patients, their family members, and others involved in their care and support, as well as society at large in terms of lost productivity and cost of providing treatment, housing, and financial assistance. Aim & objective: To study socio-demographic variables and other psychosocial factors associated with the relapse in schizophrenic patient. Material and method: The Present study was carried out on 50 patients in both group. After randomization, assessment of Sociodemographic details was done with the help of semi-structured performa. Statistics: The proposed study was conducted in phased manner observing ethics of voluntary participation and informed consent of the participants were taken. Results: There was no significant difference was found in both groups in sociodemographic data. There was more substance abuse, poor compliance partial/Incomplete treatment taken and side effect reported in relapse group. Beside this schizophrenic patient had suffered due to social stigma, not supporting by family member and lack of service in community centers.

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