A Study of Organizational Citizenship Behaviours, Organizational Structures and Open Innovation

  title={A Study of Organizational Citizenship Behaviours, Organizational Structures and Open Innovation},
  author={Dr. M. Naqshbandi and S. Kaur},
  journal={Interorganizational Networks \& Organizational Behavior eJournal},
With increasing technological advances, the need to create not only innovations but faster innovation has become a part of sustaining or gaining competitive advantage. Open innovation paradigm answers this need by utilizing larger resources and expertise that firms involved in the open innovation process offer. Given the recency of the concept of open innovation, the factors that influence the creation of open innovation are hazy. Most of the research on open innovation looks at the "hard… Expand
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The results show that outbound practices, either by direct generation of revenues from licensing payments or through the indirect marketing and technical benefits that can stem from revealing have a positive effect on firm performance, and Coupled practices, which are related to participation in clusters and innovation networks, have the highest impact on firmperformance. Expand
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Organizational culture, organizational citizenship behavior, knowledge sharing and innovation: a study of indigenous people production organizations
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The effects of organizational citizenship behaviors on ERP system success
  • Cheolho Yoon
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • Comput. Hum. Behav.
  • 2009
The effect of OCBs on enterprise resource planning (ERP) system success was explored to provide strategic insights for successfully managing ERP systems by identifying the effects of organizational citizenship behaviors in ERP context. Expand
Open Innovation in Practice: An Analysis of Strategic Approaches to Technology Transactions
  • U. Lichtenthaler
  • Business, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
  • 2008
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Despite. the widespread interest in the topic of organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs), little empirical research has tested the fundamental assumption that these forms of behavior improve theExpand
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