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A Study of Nutrition Knowledge, Attitudes and Food Habits of College Students

  title={A Study of Nutrition Knowledge, Attitudes and Food Habits of College Students},
  author={Amir Abbas Barzegari and Mohsen Ebrahimi and Majid Azizi and Kazem Ranjbar},
  journal={World applied sciences journal},
4 Abstract: This study designed for understanding the nutrition knowledge, attitude and food habits of college's students. The target population consisted entirely of college student of Payam Nour Universities. Standard questionnaire (K Parmenter and J Wardle 1999) which was developed to measure subject's nutrition knowledge, attitude and food habits distributed among 415 students randomly. After translation, questionnaires were evaluated by professor's faculty of physical education and sport… 
Nutritional Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices among University Students in Turkey and the US
The nutritional attitude subscale had a moderate correlation with nutritional practice and nutritional knowledge subscales regarding the nutritional inventory of students from two different countries, while there was a weak significant correlation between the nutritionalpractice and nutritionalknowledge subscales.
Nutrition Knowledge among College of Basic Education Students in Kuwait: A Cross-Sectional Study
Poor nutrition knowledge was found among prospective teachers studying in the College of Basic Education in Kuwait and must be rectified for the effective implementation of nutrition education programs in schools.
Knowledge Attitude and Reported Practices toward Optimal Nutrition among Preparatory School Students
The majority of all students in Dekerness city at Dakahlia governorate had a satisfactory level of knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding optimal nutrition, and there was a statistically significant difference between knowledge score and practice score.
Eating practices and nutrition knowledge among University students
It is revealed that students of the University of the West Indies have excellent nutrition knowledge, but eating practices do not reflect such knowledge.
A Study to Assess Relationship Between Nutrition Knowledge and Food Choices Among Young Females
Overall nutrition knowledge of young females is average and food choices are also adequate but relation between these two factors is not positively significant, and as nutrition knowledge increases, intake of most unhealthy foods decreases.
Nutrition knowledge attitude and practices among students of Ahfad University for women
More than half the students did not know the correct answers to questions concerning fibers, calcium, vitamin B12 and fat and the study suggests lack of adequate nutritional knowledge among students.
Nutrition knowledge, outcome expectations, self-efficacy, and eating behaviors by calcium intake level in Korean female college students
It is found that nutrition education needs to address practical benefits, reduce negative expectations of calcium-rich foods, increase self-efficacy, and modify eating behaviors contributing to calcium intake.
Diet Quality, Dieting, Attitudes and Nutrition Knowledge: Their Relationship in Polish Young Adults—A Cross-Sectional Study
Declarative nutrition knowledge does not seem to be a good indicator of healthy dietary behavior, and nutrition education programs that concentrate only on knowledge of facts, and neglect the development of favorable attitudes towards food and nutrition, may not be efficient enough to develop adequate dietary behavior of students.
Enhancing Nutrition-Related Literacy, Knowledge and Behavior among University Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial
The influence of a group-based interactive training program on nutrition-related literacy, knowledge and behavior of students and is recommended for students in their curriculum.
Dietary habits and nutritional knowledge among high health institute students in Basrah
Though the students had good level of nutritional knowledge and dietary habits, the association between them was not statistically significant and it may be suggested that the adequate nutritional knowledge observed may not have translated into the appropriate dietary habits in the students.


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