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A Study of Exploratory Laparotomies for Various Reasons from 2012-2016 at Basaveshwar Teaching and General Hospital , Kalaburagi

  title={A Study of Exploratory Laparotomies for Various Reasons from 2012-2016 at Basaveshwar Teaching and General Hospital , Kalaburagi},
  author={Dr. Suresh Patil and Donald Edward Rinaldo},
There are very clear-cut indications for exploratory laparotomy. With all of the diagnostic aids in use at present and even with the maximum amount of skill on the part of the surgeon, conditions arise which are not possible of diagnosis without exploratory laparotomy. This study was done to look for the various indications of exploratory laparotomy, their presentation and outcome. This retrospective study of exploratory laparotomies was conducted in patients who were admitted and treated in… 
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