A Study of 33 Bacteriophages of Rhizobium meliloti.

  title={A Study of 33 Bacteriophages of Rhizobium meliloti.},
  author={Michel Werquin and H L Ackermann and Roger C. L{\'e}vesque},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={54 1},
A total of 33 Rhizobium meliloti bacteriophages were studied. Of those, 21 were isolated in northern France from field soil in which Medicago sativa L. was grown. The other 12 phages were obtained by UV light and mitomycin C induction from 46 R. meliloti strains. Rhizobiophages were characterized by their morphology, host range, serological properties, restriction endonuclease patterns, DNA-DNA homologies, and DNA molecular weights. Five morphotypes were observed showing tailed phages with… CONTINUE READING


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