A Strengthening on Odd Cycles in Graphs of Given Chromatic Number

  title={A Strengthening on Odd Cycles in Graphs of Given Chromatic Number},
  author={Jun-ming Gao and Qingyi Huo and Jie Ma},
  journal={SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics},
Resolving a conjecture of Bollobás and Erdős, Gyárfás proved that every graph G of chromatic number k + 1 ≥ 3 contains cycles of ⌊ 2 ⌋ distinct odd lengths. We strengthen this prominent result by showing that such G contains cycles of ⌊ 2 ⌋ consecutive odd lengths. Along the way, combining extremal and structural tools, we prove a stronger statement that every graph of chromatic number k + 1 ≥ 7 contains k cycles of consecutive lengths, except that some block is Kk+1. As corollaries, this… 

Cycles in Color-Critical Graphs

Tuza [1992] proved that a graph with no cycles of length congruent to $1$ modulo $k$ is $k$-colorable.  We prove that if a graph $G$ has an edge $e$ such that $G-e$ is $k$-colorable and $G$ is not,

A note on cycle lengths in graphs of chromatic number five and six

In this note, we prove that every non-complete (k+1)-critical graph contains cycles of all lengths modulo k, where k = 4, 5. Together with a result in [7], this completely gives an affirmative answer



On Arithmetic Progressions of Cycle Lengths in Graphs

This paper proves that, for k > 2, a bipartite graph of average degree at least 4k and girth g contains cycles of (g/2 − 1)k consecutive even lengths.

Cycles of even length in graphs

Cycles in triangle-free graphs of large chromatic number

This paper proves the stronger fact that every triangle-free graph G of chromatic number k≥k0(ε) contains cycles of 1/64(1 − ε)k2 logk/4 consecutive lengths, and a cycle of length at least 1/4(1- ε), and gives new lower bounds on the circumference and the number of different cycle lengths for k-chromatic graphs in other monotone classes.

Cycles of length 1 modulo 3 in graph

Cycles with consecutive odd lengths

  • Jie Ma
  • Mathematics
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Graph coloring in linear time

  • Z. Tuza
  • Mathematics
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  • 1992

A Unified Proof of Conjectures on Cycle Lengths in Graphs

In this paper, we prove a tight minimum degree condition in general graphs for the existence of paths between two given endpoints, whose lengths form a long arithmetic progression with common

Cycles of length 2 modulo 3 in graphs

Coloring digraphs with forbidden cycles

Distribution of Cycle Lengths in Graphs

  • G. Fan
  • Mathematics
    J. Comb. Theory, Ser. B
  • 2002
It is obtained that if G is a nonbipartite 3-connected graph with minimum degree at least 3k for any positive integer k, then G contains 2k cycles of consecutive lengths m, m+1, ?, m-2k?1 for some integer m?k+2.