A Streaming Viewer for Triangular Meshes


Increasing size of surface models has lead to a great deal of research in progressive multi-resolution representation of these models. Network streaming visualization of large models is particularly interesting. Quite a few existing techniques use a point based rendering system. This approach accelerates rendering but suffers from a degradation in the image quality. To mitigate image degradation, we present a hybrid point and triangle primitive based streaming viewer for triangular meshes. The advantage of using such a mixture of rendering primitives is that, while points can accelerate object display rendering, rendering selective objects using triangles can compensate for the degradation in image quality caused due to the point based rendering. We have based our system on an existing point based renderer, QSplat, and extended it to incorporate triangle based rendering. The extension achieves a vast improvement in the quality of the rendered image as compared to QSplat. Like QSplat, the system is meant to be deployed in environments with moderate network bandwidths

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