A Strategy for Reusing the Data of Electronic Medical Record Systems for Clinical Research


There is a great need to reuse data stored in electronic medical records (EMR) databases for clinical research. We previously reported the development of a system in which progress notes and case report forms (CRFs) were simultaneously recorded using a template in the EMR in order to exclude redundant data entry. To make the data collection process more efficient, we are developing a system in which the data originally stored in the EMR database can be populated within a frame in a template. We developed interface plugin modules that retrieve data from the databases of other EMR applications. A universal keyword written in a template master is converted to a local code using a data conversion table, then the objective data is retrieved from the corresponding database. The template element data, which are entered by a template, are stored in the template element database. To retrieve the data entered by other templates, the objective data is designated by the template element code with the template code, or by the concept code if it is written for the element. When the application systems in the EMR generate documents, they also generate a PDF file and a corresponding document profile XML, which includes important data, and send them to the document archive server and the data sharing saver, respectively. In the data sharing server, the data are represented by an item with an item code with a document class code and its value. By linking a concept code to an item identifier, an objective data can be retrieved by designating a concept code. We employed a flexible strategy in which a unique identifier for a hospital is initially attached to all of the data that the hospital generates. The identifier is secondarily linked with concept codes. The data that are not linked with a concept code can also be retrieved using the unique identifier of the hospital. This strategy makes it possible to reuse any of a hospital's data.

DOI: 10.3233/978-1-61499-678-1-297

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