A Strange Obsession with Nazi Christianity: A Critical Comment on Richard Steigmann-Gall's The Holy Reich

  title={A Strange Obsession with Nazi Christianity: A Critical Comment on Richard Steigmann-Gall's The Holy Reich},
  author={Manfred Gailus},
  journal={Journal of Contemporary History},
  pages={35 - 46}
  • M. Gailus
  • Published 1 January 2007
  • History
  • Journal of Contemporary History
Christianity, as Richard Steigmann-Gall argues in his study on the Holy Reich, did not constitute a barrier to nazism. Quite the opposite, he says: for many of the leading nazis he explores in his book the battles waged against Germany's enemies constituted a war in the name of Christianity. He aims to prove this central thesis by text analysis of prominent nazi leaders as well as some selected fields of nazi action. However, his main line of argumentation is far from being persuasive. A… 
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