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A Stochastic Programming Framework for the Valuation of Electricity Storage

  title={A Stochastic Programming Framework for the Valuation of Electricity Storage},
  author={P. Mokrian and Moff Stephen},
It is often assumed in practice that electricity cannot be stored, even though in reality the storage of electricity is technically feasible. The issue is not whether electricity can be stored, but whether it can be stored efficiently and economically. In this paper, we present some of the current storage technologies and discuss their applications within power markets. We focus on the use of storage for intraday arbitrage and develop several models for optimizing the operation of a storage… Expand
On the value of storage at consumer locations
  • Yunjian Xu, L. Tong
  • Computer Science
  • 2014 IEEE PES General Meeting | Conference & Exposition
  • 2014
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