A Station Favorable to the Pursuits of Science: Primary Materials in the History of Mathematics at the United States Military Academy

  title={A Station Favorable to the Pursuits of Science: Primary Materials in the History of Mathematics at the United States Military Academy},
  author={Joe Albree and David C. Arney and V. Frederick Rickey},
Introduction Catalog of the West Point collection Catalog of 1803 Inventory of books, maps and charts, belonging to the Military Academy at West Point Photographs Portraits in the collection Frontispieces in the collection. 
On the Role of the Ecole Polytechnique, 1794–1914, with Especial Reference to Mathematics
The focus falls upon the organisation and national role of the school, and the place within it of the mathematical courses, which dominated the teaching programme. The extent and cause of the decline
The Bicentennial of American Mathematics Journals
David Zitarelli (zit@temple.edu) received his Ph.D. in algebraic semigroups under Mario Petrich at Penn State, and is now an associate professor of mathematics at Temple University in Philadelphia.
Differences over Educational Purpose and Teaching Practice
1. WHAT KIND OF NEW SCHOOL? After revolution, confusion. It may be clear who has lost, but not who has won. The winners fight the winners, and large power vacua open up unpredictably. The French
Who's counting? Legitimating measurement in the audit culture
What gives legitimacy to the numbers that constitute the measurement techniques of the audit culture? We argue that the audit culture's blind application of numbers to people as if there was no moral
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In this chapter I take a retrospective look at the use of technologies for learning, and learning in in schools in particular, through the technological developments of last century into the first
Mathematics Teaching Practices
How have teachers structured lessons? How have they attempted to assess student learning? What similarities and differences in methods of teaching existed in various times and places? This chapter
La rationalisation des savoirs mathématiques français au sein des écoles militaires américaines avant la Guerre de Sécession
Au debut du xixe siecle, la formation des officiers de l’armee des Etats-Unis s’effectue a l’Academie militaire de West Point. Defaillante en de nombreux points, y compris sur le terrain de
Traduire des mathématiques « pour et par des élèves » dans la première moitié du xixe siècle : Acteurs et pratiques de traduction à travers trois cas d’étude en Europe et aux États-Unis
Consacre a la question de la traduction en matiere de mathematiques, qu’il aborde ici par l’intermediaire d’un acteur particulier, l’« eleve », a la fois destinataire et, parfois, producteur de
The Mystery of Robert Adrain