A Spatial Approach to Socioeconomic Change in Scandinavia: Central Sweden in the First Millennium B.C.

  title={A Spatial Approach to Socioeconomic Change in Scandinavia: Central Sweden in the First Millennium B.C.},
  author={T. Larsson},
During the first millennium B.C., in particular the period 800 B.C.-B.C./A.D., great processes of change seem to have been in operation in many parts of Scandinavia (cf. Jensen 1982:198ff; Kristiansen 1984:95; Larsson 1986:180ff). Throughout Scandinavia there are archaeological indications of change in, for example, settlement pattern, land use and mortuary practice which reflect change in socioeconomic complexity during this period. In central Sweden, where preservation conditions have been… Expand
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