A Sound and Complete Backward Chaining Algorithm for Existential Rules

  title={A Sound and Complete Backward Chaining Algorithm for Existential Rules},
  author={M{\'e}lanie K{\"o}nig and Michel Lecl{\`e}re and Marie-Laure Mugnier and Micha{\"e}l Thomazo},
We address the issue of Ontology-Based Data Access which consists of exploiting the semantics expressed in ontologies while querying data. Ontologies are represented in the framework of existential rules, also known as Datalog+/-. We focus on the backward chaining paradigm, which involves rewriting the query (assumed to be a conjunctive query, CQ) into a set of CQs (seen as a union of CQs). The proposed algorithm accepts any set of existential rules as input and stops for so-called finite… CONTINUE READING
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