A Sophisticated HCI Perspective: Advanced Bengali Phonetics Communication System for Disabled (Deaf and Dumb) Persons

  title={A Sophisticated HCI Perspective: Advanced Bengali Phonetics Communication System for Disabled (Deaf and Dumb) Persons},
  author={N. Sakib and Chowdhury Amlan and Mohaiminul Islam and Maisha Maliha and Salowa Samin},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
The purpose of this study is to develop an intelligent system that can help the people who are dumb and deaf as they are recognized as disabled persons. These people face difficulties in communicating with other people in their regular life activities such as travelling, shopping etc. Nowadays, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) domain facing and solving the problem of disabled persons of this day to day activities. In this paper a new solution of this problem and the perspective of HCI is being… Expand

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