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A Software Metrics Survey

  title={A Software Metrics Survey},
  author={Samuel D. Conte and Herbert E. Dunsmore and Vincent Yun Shen and Wayne M. Zage},

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This thesis investigates the feasibility of deception of source code attribution techniques by exploring how data characteristics and feature selection influence both the accuracy and performance of attribution methods.
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The current code quality metrics in use suffer from various deficiencies, presenting ample opportunities for the research community to address the gaps, according to a qualitative exploration by surveying software developers and a quantitative analysis.
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A survey of auto-scaling the resources required for LTE communication using SDN, NFV and Machine Learning (ML) for facilitating MTC, along with its requirements, existing work and challenges is presented.
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The overall objective of this study was to asses and analysis’s software metrics used to measure the software product and process.
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This work capitalizes on experiences with MongoDB, XML and software complexity metrics, and proposes a set of structural metrics for a JSON compatible schema abstraction intended to be used in decision criteria for schema analysis and design process.
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This research proposed an algorithmic change effort prediction model that used change impact analysis method to improve the accuracy of the effort estimation and applicability for both Traditional and Agile methodologies.
Evaluating the Applicability of Multi-agent Software for Implementing Distributed Industrial Data Management Approaches
In this paper, a distributed data management problem is addressed with both a bespoke approach developed specifically for this problem and a more general Multi-agent approach, which is compared using architecture and software metrics.
Software complexity: A fuzzy logic approach
  • S. Sabharwal, R. Sibal, P. Kaur
  • Computer Science
    2012 International Conference on Communication, Information & Computing Technology (ICCICT)
  • 2012
The main goal of this paper is to explore the role of new paradigms like fuzzy logic in complexity prediction, and proposed a fuzzy logic based approach to predict software complexity.


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An overview of a new approach to the measurement of software that is consistent across programming language barriers and based on the count of operators and operands contained in a program is provided.
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As is evident from some of the other material reprinted in this book, much of the early discussion about structured programming and the related techniques was conducted by academic people and was
Identifying Error-Prone Software—An Empirical Study
Through a detailed analysis of three software products and their error discovery histories, simple metrics related to the amount of data and the structural complexity of programs are found to be of value for identifying error-prone software.
Software Function, Source Lines of Code, and Development Effort Prediction: A Software Science Validation
This paper demonstrates the equivalence between Albrecht's external input/output data flow representative of a program (the "function points" metric) and Halstead's "software science" or "software linguistics" model of a programs as well as the "soft content" variation of Halstead’s model suggested by Gaffney.
A Measure of Control Flow Complexity in Program Text
A simple language independent concept is put forward as a measure of control flow complexity in program text and is then developed for use as a measures of unstructuredness.
An Experiment in Software Error Data Collection and Analysis
An experiment in software error data collection and analysis was conducted in order to study relationships between complexity measures and error charateristics under conditions where the error data could be carefully defined and collected.