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A Soft-Rigid Hybrid Gripper with Lateral Compliance and Dexterous In-hand Manipulation

  title={A Soft-Rigid Hybrid Gripper with Lateral Compliance and Dexterous In-hand Manipulation},
  author={Wenpei Zhu and Chenghua Lu and Qule Zheng and Zhonggui Fang and Haichuan Che and Kailuan Tang and Mingchao Zhu and Sicong Liu and Zheng Wang},
Soft grippers are receiving growing attention due to their compliance-based interactive safety and dexterity. Hybrid gripper (soft actuators enhanced by rigid constraints) is a new trend in soft gripper design. With right structural components actuated by soft actuators, they could achieve excellent grasping adaptability and payload, while also being easy to model and control with conventional kinematics. However, existing works were mostly focused on achieving superior payload and perception… 


A soft robotic approach to robust and dexterous grasping
A compliant robotic gripper with 4-DOF dexterity, enabling four grasping modes: parallel grasping, power grasping, finger-tip pinch and fully-actuated grasping, based on soft-rigid-hybrid structures which exhibit reliable structural rigidity and grasping robustness while maintaining excellent adaptability and inherent compliance.
A Soft-Robotic Gripper With Enhanced Object Adaptation and Grasping Reliability
A novel soft-robotic gripper design is presented, with three soft bending fingers and one passively adaptive palm, which could achieve 40-N grasping force in practice, 10 times the self-weight, at a very low actuation pressure below 100 kPa.
Grasp Mode and Compliance Control of an Underactuated Origami Gripper Using Adjustable Stiffness Joints
Every robotic gripper requires an equilibrated solution towards the grasp adaptability, precision, and load-bearing capacity. A versatile soft robotic gripper requires adjustable grasp mode for
Soft Robotic Grippers.
A critical overview of soft robotic grippers is presented, covering different material sets, physical principles, and device architectures, and improved materials, processing methods, and sensing play an important role in future research.
A High-Payload Proprioceptive Hybrid Robotic Gripper With Soft Origamic Actuators
A novel scheme of multi-actuator proprioception is proposed by only using the embedded pneumatic pressure sensors, to enable the hybrid gripper with environmental awareness, achieving real-time position and force estimations of errors at $< $1% and 5.6%, respectively.
A Soft-Robotic Approach to Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand Dexterity
The BCL-26 hand, as a new soft-robotic addition to mechanistically exact human hand replicas, had demonstrated the promising potentials of soft robotics, it also enabled investigating the dexterities of robotic and human hand.
BCL-13: A 13-DOF Soft Robotic Hand for Dexterous Grasping and In-Hand Manipulation
The proposed BCL-13 hand offers a promising design solution to a lightweight, dexterous, affordable, and highly anthropomorphic robotic hand design.
Optimal Design of a Motor-Driven Three-Finger Soft Robotic Gripper
This article presents an innovative, motor-driven, three-finger compliant gripper for adaptive grasping of size-varied delicate objects and prototyped by three-dimensional printing using thermoplastic elastomer, which agrees well with simulation results.
Lightweight underactuated pneumatic fingers capable of grasping various objects
The developed fingers could not only perform wide range of grasping but also realize two and half times larger force/weight ratio than general fingers actuator with electric servo motor.
Universal robotic gripper based on the jamming of granular material
It is shown that volume changes of less than 0.5% suffice to grip objects reliably and hold them with forces exceeding many times their weight, and opens up new possibilities for the design of simple, yet highly adaptive systems that excel at fast gripping of complex objects.