A Sociological Perspective on the Issue of Killing In The Name of Honor in Pakistan

  title={A Sociological Perspective on the Issue of Killing In The Name of Honor in Pakistan},
  author={Memoona Saeed Lodhi and J. A. Siddiqui},
  journal={IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science},
The traditionally dominated societies have always captivated human mind to think and act within cultural boundary. The world is moving ahead yet the society is reversing back to the traditional mindset. It has hampered rational thinking, while promoting violent actstogether breach humanity. The International forum as well as Islamic laws has always been supportive to the rights of others, mainly the status of women is supported through laws, conventions and treaties; but few of the societies… 

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Regardless of quality education, alteration of conservative era into modernization and escalating the streamers of gender equality, women are still standing at the verge of being victim of cruelty,

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This article maps the role of religion in the prevalence and promotion of honour killing in tribal areas of Pakistan. Through simple sampling method a sample size of 377 respondents, comprising of

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The issues of ‘honour’ - and in particular honour-related crimes - in modern societies undisputedly need more public reflection and discussion, especially at the meeting points of different cultures.

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A Sociological Analysis of Crimes of Honor: Examining the Effects of Education on the Concepts of Honor and Notions of Gender Equality in Jordan Alex Miller ISP CODES: Social Sciences, General: 501

Attitudes about honour killing among men and women--perspective from Islamabad.

Most of men as well as women considered it justifiable and acceptable to kill one's wife as a mean to save one's honour, but overwhelming number of men and women did not believe in either forgiveness or divorcing one'swife who has engaged in extramarital sexual relationship.

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tive downplays Fonseka’s role in the LTTE defeat. The main star of the show, of course, is Gōtabhaya Rajapaksa. He is portrayed as a cross between a military and logistical genius and Florence

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“Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person. Men and women of full age without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry or to have a


This paper aims to discuss the wider context, in which honour murders occur, the social structures which contribute to the occurrence and perpetuation of the practice of honour murders. An

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