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A Small Maximal Sidon Set In $Z_2^n$

  title={A Small Maximal Sidon Set In \$Z\_2^n\$},
  author={Maximus Redman and Lauren L. Rose and Raphael Walker},
. A Sidon set is a subset of an Abelian group with the property that each sum of two distinct elements is distinct. We construct a small maximal Sidon set of size O (( n · 2 n ) 1 / 3 ) in the group Z n 2 , generalizing a result of Ruzsa concerning maximal Sidon sets in the integers. 

How many cards should you lay out in a game of EvenQuads?: A detailed study of 2-caps in AG(n,2)

. A 2-cap in the affine geometry AG ( n, q ) is a subset of 4 points in general position. In this paper we classify all 2-caps in AG ( n, 2), up to affine equivalence, for n ≤ 6. We also provide

Thin Sidon sets and the nonlinearity of vectorial Boolean functions

. The vectorial nonlinearity of a vector valued function is its distance from the set of affine functions. In 2017, Liu, Mesnager and Chen conjectured a general upper bound for the vectorial linearity.



A Small Maximal Sidon Set

We construct a Sidon set A ⊂ [1,N] which has ≪(N log N)1/3 elements and which is maximal in the sense that the inclusion of any other integer from [1, N] destroys the Sidon property.


Let a,<&<... be a sequence of positive integers, and suppose that the suma czi+lzi (where i ,<j) are all different. Such sequences, called B, sequences by Sidont, occur in the theory of Fourier

Improved Bounds on Sizes of Generalized Caps in AG(n, q)

The maximum size of an m-general set in AG(n,q) is studied, significantly improving previous results and solving the problem raised by Bennett.

The Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves

This research focuses on 9 specific elliptic curves E over Q, each with complex multiplication by the maximal order in an imaginary quadratic field, defined by the generators ω1, ω2 ∈ C of the period lattice.

A Complete Annotated Bibliography of Work Related to Sidon Sequences

A Sidon sequence is a sequence of integers $a_1 < a_2 < \cdots$ with the property that the sums $a_i + a_j$ $(i\le j)$ are distinct. This work contains a survey of Sidon sequences and their

Many Rational Points: Coding Theory and Algebraic Geometry

Abelian Varieties.- Refined Bounds.- Codes and Curves.- Deligne-Lusztig Spaces.- Drinfeld Modules.- Shimura Curves.- Cryptography and Applications.- References.

A note on the random greedy independent set algorithm

It is proved that if H satisfies certain degree and codegree conditions then there are Ω(N·((logN)/D)1r−1) vertices in the independent set produced by the random greedy algorithm with high probability.

A theorem in finite projective geometry and some applications to number theory

A point in a finite projective plane PG(2, pn), may be denoted by the symbol (Xl, X2, X3), where the coordinates x1, X2, X3 are marks of a Galois field of order pn, GF(pn). The symbol (0, 0, 0) is