A Sinicised Religion Under Foreign Rule: Buddhism in the Jurchen Jin Dynasty (1115–1234)

  title={A Sinicised Religion Under Foreign Rule: Buddhism in the Jurchen Jin Dynasty (1115–1234)},
  author={Hang Lin},
  journal={The Medieval History Journal},
  pages={23 - 52}
  • Hang Lin
  • Published 6 December 2018
  • Education
  • The Medieval History Journal
Buddhism in the Jurchen Jin (1115–234) dynasty has been regarded as a peripheral phenomenon; as such, it remains largely overlooked by traditional historiography. When placed into a broader context, however, both Buddhism under Jin rule and the dynasty itself functioned as a significant link in the long chain of Chinese cultural history. The Jin witnessed a crucial time period during which Chan (Zen) Buddhism, later the most popular Buddhist school in China, gained dominance and began its… 


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