A Single Trapped Rydberg Ion

  title={A Single Trapped Rydberg Ion},
  author={Gerard Higgins},
  journal={Springer Theses},
Systems of trapped ions and systems of ultracold Rydberg atoms are used at the forefront of quantum physics research and they make strong contenders as platforms for quantum technologies. Trapped R ... 
Determination of quantum defect for the Rydberg P series of Ca II
We present an experimental investigation of the Rydberg 23 P$_{1/2}$ state of laser-cooled $^{40}$Ca$^+$ ions in a radiofrequency ion trap. Using micromotion sideband spectroscopy on a narrowExpand
Laser Ablation Loading and Single Ion Addressing of Strontium in a Linear Paul Trap
This thesis was performed in the Trapped Ion Quantum Technologies Group at Stockholm University. So far, measurements for the investigation of trapped Rydberg ions were limited by the time to loadExpand
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Simulation of the Sputtering of Ions from the KATRIN Main Spectrometer Surface with Geant4
The story of the Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino Experiment (KATRIN) begins with the unconventional lines "Liebe Radioaktiven Damen und Herren, [...] (ich bin) auf einem verzweifelten Ausweg verfallen umExpand
Trapped Rydberg ions: A new platform for quantum information processing
Abstract In this chapter, we present an overview of experiments with trapped Rydberg ions and outline the advantages and challenges of developing applications of this new platform for quantumExpand
Exploring the Many-Body Dynamics Near a Conical Intersection with Trapped Rydberg Ions.
It is demonstrated that trapped Rydberg ions are a platform to engineer conical intersections and to simulate their ensuing dynamics on larger length scales and timescales of the order of nanometers and microseconds, respectively; all this in a highly controllable system. Expand