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A Simplified Strategy for Testing Thyroid Function JanineM

  title={A Simplified Strategy for Testing Thyroid Function JanineM},
  author={Crawford and D. Cowan and S. Hyder and M Mcmenamin and Smith D Leake and Ryan and Ed and Walker Whc and Niu and Em and Neal Rm and Pierce Vk and Sherman Mr Structural Simi and Bl and L. De and M. Garza and Clark Gm and W. Mcguire and Estrogen and Ryan Ed and Clark Af and Mobbs Bg and Ooi Tc and Sutherland Dja and Lowry Oh and Rosebrough Nj and A. Farr and Randall Rj Protein and Geyer and Ziegler Pa and Greene Gl Ys and Leclercq and Jordan Vc and Jacobson Hi and Keenan Ej}
R. New storage procedure for human tumor biopsies prior to estrogen receptor measurement. Influence of tissue homogenization techniques on levels of estrogen and progesterone receptors measured in calf uterus and human breast tumors. quality control of estrogen and progesterone receptor assays in breast cancer tissue using lyophi-lised cytosols. measurement with the Folin phenol reagent. Effect of sodium molybdate on protein measurements: quality control aspects of steroid hormone receptor… CONTINUE READING

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