A Simplex-Based Extension of Fourier-Motzkin for Solving Linear Integer Arithmetic

  title={A Simplex-Based Extension of Fourier-Motzkin for Solving Linear Integer Arithmetic},
  author={François Bobot and Sylvain Conchon and Evelyne Contejean and Mohamed Iguernelala and A. Mahboubi and Alain Mebsout and G. Melquiond},
This paper describes a novel decision procedure for quantifier-free linear integer arithmetic. Standard techniques usually relax the initial problem to the rational domain and then proceed either by projection (e.g.Omega-Test) or by branching/cutting methods (branch-and-bound, branch-and-cut, Gomory cuts). Our approach tries to bridge the gap between the two techniques: it interleaves an exhaustive search for a model with bounds inference. These bounds are computed provided an oracle capable of… Expand
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