A Simple Space Vector PWM Generation Scheme for Any General $n$-Level Inverter

  title={A Simple Space Vector PWM Generation Scheme for Any General  \$n\$-Level Inverter},
  author={Mohamed A. S. Aneesh and Anish Gopinath and M. R. Baiju},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics},
This paper proposes a generalized method for the generation of space vector pulsewidth modulation (SVPWM) signals for multilevel inverters. In the proposed method, the actual sector containing the tip of the reference space vector need not be identified. A method is presented to identify the center of a sub-hexagon containing the reference space vector. Using the center of the sub-hexagon, the reference space vector is mapped to the innermost sub-hexagon, and the switching sequence… CONTINUE READING
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