A Simple Process for the Experimental Induction of Resistance in Schistosoma mansoni to Antishistosomal Agents

  title={A Simple Process for the Experimental Induction of Resistance in Schistosoma mansoni to Antishistosomal Agents},
  author={P. Lar and J. Oyerinde},
  journal={Research Journal of Parasitology},
This study was carried out to identify the easiest process of inducing drug resistance in the parent generation of S. mansoni in mice_after subjecting them to drug pressure. Adult albino mice were infected with S. mansoni cercariae and were given various subcurative doses of niridazole orally at 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 8 weeks (that is 14, 28 and 56 days) post-cercarial infection followed by the curative dose of niridazole for (250 mg kg:' body weight for 5 days). We found that the adult worms (8… Expand
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Idiotype/anti-idiotype immunoregulatory network correlates with an improved clinical outcome of schistosomiasis mansoni in humans.
  • S. Abdeen
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The role of Id/anti-Id regulatory network as an important participant in the assortment of an improved clinical outcome of schistosomiasis is confirmed and may help to formulate a better understanding of the mechanisms of protective immunity in humans. Expand


Drug-resistant schistosomiasis: resistance to praziquantel and oxamniquine induced in Schistosoma mansoni in mice is drug specific.
The results indicate that S. mansoni subjected to drug pressure may develop resistance to schistosomicidal drugs over the course of relatively few passages, but that cross-resistance between PZQ and OX does not occur. Expand
Experimentally produced resistance of Schistosoma mansoni to hycanthone.
Hycanthone-resistant schistosomes were cross-resistant to antischistosomal drugs structurally related to hy canthone, such as oxamniquine and two chloro-indazole analogs of hycanth one, but not to niridazole and to another nitroheterocyclic compound. Expand
Resistance to praziquantel: direct evidence from Schistosoma mansoni isolated from Egyptian villagers.
It is concluded that the in vitro action of the drug is related to its in vivo action and this relationship will assist in the ability to detect or survey for the PZQ resistant phenotype in human populations. Expand
Treatment of complicated schistosomiasis mansoni with oxamniquine.
Twenty male patients with Schistosoma mansoni infections were each treated with oxamniquine orally in a single daily dose of 20 mg/kg for 3 consecutive days and three patients with colonic polyposis showed marked clinical improvement and sigmoidoscopic and barium enema examination demonstrated almost complete disappearance of all polyps. Expand
Tolerance of Kenyan Schistosoma mansoni to oxamniquine.
It is concluded that mass use of oxamniquine at 30 mg/kg may produce problems of drug resistance and that oxaminiquine tolerant S. mansoni are present in the normal worm population in Kenya. Expand
Determination of ED50 values for praziquantel in praziquantel-resistant and -susceptible Schistosoma mansoni isolates.
The protocols used here to estimate the praziquantel ED50s of S. mansoni isolates should be useful for establishing and monitoring the drug susceptibility/resistance profiles of parasite isolates freshly obtained from endemic areas, particularly those in which increased usage of the drug is likely to occur. Expand
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