A Simple Method to Reconstruct Firing Rates from Dendritic Calcium Signals


Calcium imaging using fluorescent reporters is the most widely used optical approach to investigate activity in intact neuronal circuits with single-cell resolution. Calcium signals, however, are often difficult to interpret, especially if the desired output quantity is membrane voltage or instantaneous firing rates. Combining dendritic intracellular electrophysiology and multi-photon calcium imaging in vivo, we recently investigated the relationship between optical signals recorded with the fluorescent calcium indicator Oregon Green BAPTA-1 (OGB-1) and spike output in principal neurons in the locust antennal lobe. We derived from these experiments a simple, empirical and easily adaptable method requiring minimal calibration to reconstruct firing rates from calcium signals with good accuracy and 50-ms temporal resolution.

DOI: 10.3389/neuro.01.032.2008

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@article{Moreaux2008ASM, title={A Simple Method to Reconstruct Firing Rates from Dendritic Calcium Signals}, author={Laurent Moreaux and Gilles Laurent}, journal={Frontiers in Neuroscience}, year={2008}, volume={2}, pages={176 - 185} }