A Simple Field Candler for Waterfowl Eggs

  title={A Simple Field Candler for Waterfowl Eggs},
  author={M. W. Weller},
  journal={Journal of Wildlife Management},
  • M. W. Weller
  • Published 1956
  • Biology
  • Journal of Wildlife Management
  • In nesting studies of waterfowl and other game birds it is often desirable to determine the stages of incubation of clutches of eggs. This information makes it possible to determine when incubation began and to calculate the date of hatching. In some studies, the stage of incubation has been determined by breaking an egg of each clutch. This is an unnecessary waste, and for species which lay parasitically in other birds' nests, such as the redhead and ruddy duck, the breaking of one egg has… CONTINUE READING
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