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A Shape Dynamics Tutorial

  title={A Shape Dynamics Tutorial},
  author={Flavio Mercati},
  journal={arXiv: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology},
  • F. Mercati
  • Published 30 August 2014
  • Physics
  • arXiv: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology
Shape Dynamics (SD) is a new theory of gravity that is based on fewer and more fundamental first principles than General Relativity (GR). The most important feature of SD is the replacement of GR's relativity of simultaneity with a more tractable gauge symmetry, namely invariance under spatial conformal transformations. This Tutorial contains both a quick introduction for readers curious about SD and a detailed walk-through of the historical and conceptual motivations for the theory, its… 
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The aim of this thesis is to compare the strengths and weaknesses of the theories shape dynamics and general relativity using two well-known situations involving spherically symmetric gravitational
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Shape dynamics is a classical theory of gravity which agrees with general relativity in many important cases, but possesses different gauge symmetries and constraints. Rather than spacetime
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Classical gravity can be described as a relational dynamical system without ever appealing to space–time or its geometry. This description is the so-called shape dynamics description of gravity. The
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Spherically symmetric, asymptotically flat solutions of Shape Dynamics were previously studied assuming standard falloff conditions for the metric and the momenta. These ensure that the spacetime is
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Shape dynamics is a classical theory of gravity which agrees with general relativity in many important cases, but possesses different gauge symmetries and constraints. Rather than spacetime
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The Immirzi parameter of loop quantum gravity is a one parameter ambiguity of the theory whose precise interpretation is not universally agreed upon. It is an inherent characteristic of the quantum
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In this paper we provide a review of Shape Dynamics, a new theory of gravity which overlaps with General Relativity in places but is built from fewer and more fundamental principles. Shape Dynamics
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Shape dynamics is a theory first proposed by Julian Barbour which states that physics happen uniquely in the reduced configuration space of a theory. So far, studies in the area have focused on


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Shape dynamics is a theory of gravity that replaces refoliation invariance for spatial Weyl invariance. Those solutions of the Einstein equations that have global, constant mean curvature slicings,
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Shape dynamics is a gauge theory based on spatial diffeomorphism- and Weyl-invariance which is locally indistinguishable from classical general relativity. If taken seriously, it suggests that the
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Shape Dynamics is a formulation of General Relativity where refoliation invariance is traded for local spatial conformal invariance. In this paper we explicitly construct Shape Dynamics for a torus
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Shape dynamics is a classical theory of gravity which agrees with general relativity in many important aspects, but which possesses different gauge symmetries and can present some fundamental global
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