A Sentiment Based Non-Factoid Question-Answering Framework

  title={A Sentiment Based Non-Factoid Question-Answering Framework},
  author={Qiaofei Ye and Kanishka Misra and Hemanth Devarapalli and Julia Taylor Rayz},
  journal={2019 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC)},
With the rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence, a question of emotional intelligence of a system may become as important as its accuracy. This paper investigates whether emotions should be considered for non-factoid “how” Question-Answering systems with the eventual goal of enabling the system to retrieve answers in a more emotionally intelligent way. This study proposes an architecture that adds extended representation of sentiment information to questions and answers, and reports on to… 
SentiMedQAer: A Transfer Learning-Based Sentiment-Aware Model for Biomedical Question Answering
The proposed transfer learning-based sentiment-aware model, named SentiMedQAer, is validated on PubMedQA, a biomedical QA dataset with reasoning-required yes/no questions and outperforms the SOTA by 15.83% and a single human annotator by 5.91%.
Automatic Extraction of Opinion-Based Q&A from Online Developer Chats
The problem of opinion Q&A extraction is addressed by developing automatic identification of opinion-asking questions and extraction of participants' answers from public online developer chats, and a deep learning approach customized to the software domain outperforms heuristics-based, machine-learning-based and deep learning for answer extraction in community question answering.