A Sensor Positioning Scheme with High Accuracy in Nonuniform Wireless Sensor Networks


In wireless sensor networks, a geographical positioning scheme is one of core technologies for sensor applications such as disaster monitoring, environment monitoring, and military services. For this reason, the research for range-free positioning schemes had progressing actively. And a density probability scheme based on the central limit theorem and normal distribution theory has been proposed to improve the location accuracy in nonuniform sensor network environments.The density probability scheme estimates 1-hop distance by using communication between nodes. After that, it estimates the final position of an unknown node. But the density probability scheme has a problem thatit has equivalent 1-hop distance for all of nodes in the same area. To overcome this problem, we propose a novel sensor positioning scheme in non-uniformwireless sensor networks. As a result, the proposed scheme ensures the high accuracy of sensor positioning in non-uniform networks. To show the superiority of our proposed scheme, we compare it with the existing scheme such as DV-based position scheme. Our experimental results show that the proposed scheme improves by about 36% sensor positioning accuracy over the existing scheme on average even in non-uniform wireless sensor networks.

DOI: 10.1155/2013/507605

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