A Self-calibrating current-steering 12-bit DAC based on new 1-bit self-test scheme

  title={A Self-calibrating current-steering 12-bit DAC based on new 1-bit self-test scheme},
  author={Georgi I. Radulov and Patrick J. Quinn and J. A. Hegt and Arthur H. M. van Roermund},
This paper presents a self-test self-correction scheme for segmented current steering (CS) DACs. Prior art is critically analyzed. The new scheme improves the DAC linearity by improving the accuracy of the thermometer current sources. The algorithm, which controls the scheme, is described in details. A 12-bit CS DAC, with 6-6 segmentation, is implemented using the new scheme and algorithm. The DAC core is designed with 10-bit intrinsic linearity and this is improved to 12-bit level via… CONTINUE READING


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