A Self-Contained, Automated Methodology for Optimal Flow Control

  title={A Self-Contained, Automated Methodology for Optimal Flow Control},
  author={Deslandes Ronald and D Gunzburger Max and Andr{\'e}-M. Roy and Erlebacher Gordon and Hussaini M. Yousuff},
This paper describes a self-contained, automated methodology for active ow control which couples the time-dependent Navier-Stokes system with an adjoint Navier-Stokes system and optimality conditions from which optimal states, i.e., unsteady ow elds and controls (e.g., actuators), may be determined. The problem of boundary layer instability suppression through wave cancellation is used as the initial validation case to test the methodology. Here, the objective of control is to match the stress… CONTINUE READING


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