A Self-Calibrating Mathematical Model for the Direct Piezoelectric Effect of a New MEMS Tilt Sensor

  title={A Self-Calibrating Mathematical Model for the Direct Piezoelectric Effect of a New MEMS Tilt Sensor},
  author={P. M. Moubarak and P. Ben-Tzvi and M. Zaghloul},
  journal={IEEE Sensors Journal},
  • P. M. Moubarak, P. Ben-Tzvi, M. Zaghloul
  • Published 2012
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Sensors Journal
  • This paper presents a self-calibrating mathematical model and simulation results of the direct piezoelectric effect of a new tilt-sensor that measures inclination angles around two orthogonal axes. Using a fundamental description of the mechanical stress generated in suspended beams under static loading, we propose a model of the sensor's direct piezoelectric effect that is only a trigonometric function of its genetic behavior in two orthogonal planes. The significance of the proposed approach… CONTINUE READING
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