A Security Framework for Cloud Data Storage(CDS) Based on Agent

  title={A Security Framework for Cloud Data Storage(CDS) Based on Agent},
  author={Oussama Arki and Abdelhafid Zitouni},
The Cloud has become a new Information Technology(IT) model for delivering resources such as computing and storage to customers on demand, it provides both high flexibility and resources use. However we are gaining these advantages at the cost of high security threats, which presents the major brake for the migration towards Cloud Computing. Cloud Data Storage(CDS) is one of the Cloud services, it allows users to store their data in the Cloud, this service is very useful for companies and… 

Secure Framework Enhancing AES Algorithm in Cloud Computing

This research presents a framework with key features including enhanced security and owner’s data privacy, which involves less power consumption, better load balancing, and enhanced trust and resource management on the network.

Custom-Aes: A Novel Framework To Enhance Data Security In Cloud Environment

Most popular algorithms, AES, RSA and blowfish shed light on the overall performance and justification made for Custom AES, to boost the speed of the encryption method and minimize the use of memory.

Intelligent Multi-Agent Collaboration Model for Smart Home IoT Security

This paper presents a new approach towards securing smart home networks through multi-agent collaboration that uses Beliefs, Desires, and Intentions (BDI) architecture for intelligent agent decision making, as well as a multi- agent collaboration model for achieving mutual security goals within the smart home network.



Agent based framework for providing security to data storage in cloud

  • M. IslamM. Habiba
  • Computer Science
    2012 15th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT)
  • 2012
The performance with respect to overhead for different security services such as confidentiality, integrity and authenticity showed that data classification according to different level of security enhances the performance of the system that provides security services to the data in cloud.

A framework of multi-agent system to facilitate security of cloud data storage

This paper considers components of MAS framework, implementing a simulation framework by using JAVA and performing an input analysis of the data and an output analysis ofthe simulation results, and proposes MAS framework.

A cloud security framework based on trust model and mobile agent

This model aims to protect user's sensitive information from other internal or external users and hackers and can detect policy breaches, where the users are notified in order to take necessary actions when malicious access or malicious activity would occur.

A New Trusted and Collaborative Agent Based Approach for Ensuring Cloud Security

This research aims towards proposing a new trusted and collaborative agent-based two-tier framework, titled WAY (Who Are You?), to protect cloud resources and ensure security and privacy both at the service provider level as well as at the user level in a cloud environment.

Information Security in Cloud Computing

A principal goal of this paper is to identify privacy and security issues in the distributed environment and concern to cloud computing participants and users.

Security Agents: A Mobile Agent Based Trust Model for Cloud Computing

A trust model for cloud architecture is proposed which uses mobile agent as security agents to acquire useful information from the virtual machine which the user and service provider can utilize to keep track of privacy of their data and virtual machines.

Security for Cloud Storage Systems

  • Kan YangX. Jia
  • Computer Science
    SpringerBriefs in Computer Science
  • 2014
To solve the attribute revocation problem, new Revocable CP-ABE methods are proposed in both ABAC and DAC-MACS, which can support dynamic auditing and batch auditing.

A Survey on Data Integrity Techniques in Cloud Computing

This paper will focus on some of the integrity proving techniques in detail along with their limitations and how to overcome data integrity problem under different systems and security models.

Security Framework for Agent-Based Cloud Computing

Algorithms are proposed to solve security issues of agent based cloud computing to ensure that there will be no intervention of any malicious activities during the agent interaction.

Security Issues in Cloud Computing Solution of DDOS and Introducing Two-Tier CAPTCHA

The algorithm of this method makes it hard for bot programs which mean that it is more secure, and the rate of its difficulty can be increased in order to improve its resistance against the attacks by ding more and more query and combination in database.