A Secure JXTA-Overlay Platform for Robot Control

  title={A Secure JXTA-Overlay Platform for Robot Control},
  author={Evjola Spaho and Keita Matsuo and Leonard Barolli and Joan Arnedo-Moreno and Fatos Xhafa and Vladi Koliçi},
  journal={2010 International Conference on P2P, Parallel, Grid, Cloud and Internet Computing},
Due to the improvement of connections capabilities of end-devices there is an increasing interest to design and implement full featured P2P networks that integrate end-devices. In this paper, we use JXTA-Overlay for the secure control of the robot. We considered the robot as end-device. We investigate the time of secure robot control when in the network were connected different number of peers and compared the results with the scenarios where no security exists at all. The experimental results… CONTINUE READING

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